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Come to Know about instant benefits of Facebook Marketplace


A Market place is a place where selling and buying of products occur offline/online. Among various e-commerce sites, Facebook has emerged as a well- known platform where a person can buy and sell products in the local area through ‘Facebook marketplace’. It is a favorite opportunity for small businesses. The Facebook marketplace can be accessed by one who has his/her ID older than in 2015. It was launched in October 2015 with a small store like an icon called ‘marketplace’. Here you can buy/sell a variety of products for e.g. From old toys of your child, iPhone, vehicles etc.


How to get Facebook Marketplace?



On iPhone and android

  • Open Facebook on your iPhone
  • Go to the menu button at the bottom right corner
  • Tap marketplace- on top of the menu (a store like an icon)
  • If you want to set your location, set it, otherwise, it will automatically show you nearby sellers
  • Tap shop- you will find a list of categories
  • Tap the search marketplace if you want to search a particular category
  • Select a category- you’ll find options like housing, vehicles, clothing, and electronics etc.
  • Tap the item you like after choosing your category
  • Ask questions about the item you like from seller

On website

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • The market place will appear on the left corner
  • Click on it
  • You’ll find options like browse, sell, buy
  • Browse your product and start shopping


Selling on Fb marketplace a good idea?


500 million people are using Facebook every day, potentially it qualifies to become a marketplace, especially in your area. However, some may compare it with other e-commerce websites like amazon but hold on and scroll down why marketplace?-

  • Small business- if you own a small business and want it to proliferate then FB marketplace is best for you how? You may have to share a big amount of profit with other e-commerce websites but in FB marketplace all profit is yours
  • Easy product listing– FB marketplace provides you an easy and hassle-free listing of your product. You just have to follow two to three steps.
  • Customize– you are free to customize your business on Fb marketplace, showcase your product in your own style, create your customer base and earn a profit.
  • Payment method– sometimes FB marketplace is criticized for not providing payment method but this could be an advantage for small business as when you’ll meet your customer to deliver the product you can elaborate them a bit about your new business or invite them on your site showcase them your potential.


How to sell on fb marketplace?


Not all sellers know much about technology, one may even avoid expanding his/her business due to the dread of technological hassle, but this is not the case in fb marketplace. There are some easy steps which you need to follow-

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to the marketplace (how? Mentioned above)
  • You’ll find an option “sell”
  • Click on it, click on the question “what do you want to sell”
  • Click on the square-shaped options- photo
  • Click the photograph of your product mention the category, describe it and you are done!


Facebook marketplace not working why?


Sometimes sellers face issues like the product is blocked, error on a photograph of the product, under review while uploading a product, the product is banned. People have found various issues regarding this. Let’s have a look various kinds of problems you may be facing-

Product not getting views – if your products are not getting many views, probably you are posting multiple products on a single day or reposting the same.

Product under review/ got blocked – as mentioned above if you keep posting your product multiple times then Facebook may see your attempt as spam and your product will not get listed or in the worst case may get banned!

Error while uploading product– if you face this problem, click on learn more option you will find a list of reasons.


How to get rid of the above problem


  • Don’t post the product multiple times or don’t post many products on a single day.
  • Don’t delete your product and repost multiple times especially in 30 minutes. If you do so Facebook may see your attempt as spam.
  • Don’t post an irrelevant comment on your product, comments relevant to product is welcomed by Facebook.
  • If you are not getting much views or no views at all then don’t panic wait for 3 to 4 days and post your product again.
  • Adhere to the Facebook marketplace policy, you’ll never face any problem. ( scroll down and have a look on some)


 Facebook marketplace policy


  • Community standard- Commerce posts must not violate our community standards.
  • Illegal, prescription or recreational drugs are prohibited
  • Tobacco products are prohibited
  • Unsafe supplements
  • Sale of weapons, ammunition is prohibited
  • Sale of animals, alcohol, adult products or services is prohibited.
  • Health care products- posts may not promote certain healthcare products and services, including medical services, etc.
  • Real money gambling services is prohibited.
  • Third-party infringement- post should not contain any content which violates intellectual property rights of third party etc.


What kind of products can be sold then?


You can sell a wide variety of products like furniture, clothing, fashion related material etc.

In case your Facebook Marketplace not working, you can join our technical support staff making a quick phone call at our toll-free number.

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