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Gmail, a company that has always given the best for their users. Their selflessness has made them stand on the top of email industry. This is a company that has alwys though about delivering the best to its users. From the beginning onwards Gmail has always been the first choice of almost all the email users, and this is what has made it the biggest company of the world. The services provided by this company is also remarkable. They have everything that can help the users to get you the best services for your Gmail account. This is a company that can help you with everything you want and anytime you want. So, if you want any of your Gmail services done, we are open to help you at any hour of the clock. Just ring us at Gmail customer service and get all your job done.

Gmail down, don’t worry get it sorted at Gmail customer service


Gmail is a company that hardly goes down, but whenever this happens, you are provided with best team of techies to assist you in getting your job done. This is the team that will help you get all you want. If your Gmail account is not working due to any kind of problem, if your Gmail account is down, you don’t have to worry about it. If you ever face any such issue, you just need to dial the Gmail customer service phone number and speak to the techies at Gmail customer service. These are the best techies that can help you solve your Gmail down problem.

Other than talking to the techies at this place, you could yourself examine the cause of your problem. You could investigate why are you not able to send login to your Gmail account. You can check the following thing and then get back to the techies at Gmail customer service –

At first you should check the Google status dashboard. At this step you will know whether only you are unable to sign in to Gmail or nobody is. In the dashboard, if there is a green button, then there is no problem with Gmail. the problem is on your side and if it shows red then Gmail is currently down for all the users. In the later case you just have to stay calm and patient, but in the former ones, you can simply speak to the techies at Gmail customer service and get it fixed.


How to report a Gmail issue to Google?


It is not at all tough to report any of the activities to Google. Any of the Google product can be easily reported directly to Google in just few simple steps. You can either follow the below given steps or, you can choose to speak to the techies at Gmail customer service number.

  1. At first you need to login to your Gmail account in a web browser.
  2. On your inbox page you, will find find settings icon on the upper right corner, clicking on which a menu will appear.
  3. You will see an option which says, send feedback. Click on this send feedback.
  4. You can now describe your issue and report it to Google.
  5. You will also have to attach a screenshot of the issue.

Other than this method, you can get your job done by the best techies at Gmail customer service. You can be facilitated by these techies at any hour of the day as we are a 24-hour open service. If you want to report an issue to Google, you can dial Gmail phone number and speak to the techies, who will directly link you to Google and will help you sending your issues report to the company. Unlike any other helpline agency, we have a team that never fool you by sending your report to any third-party services. With Gmail customer service, you can rest assured that your job is being done in the best way possible and there will be no scope of any kind of foolery done by any of the techies at our place. So, to get your Gmail issues solved and report your issues to Google, contact Gmail customer service at Gmail customer service phone number.


How to add or remove a new category in your android Gmail app?


Only one email is more than enough to get all your work done. You can access all the products and services of Google through this one Gmail account. Not only this much, but you can also use this email account to login to any other website. Most of the websites allow login through Gmail accounts.

Even after knowing all this, there are people who have a lot of Gmail accounts, just to receive emails from different sources. They want their emails to be separated and easy to access. You must be amazed to hear that you can keep all your emails separated even in your one Gmail account. You can add as much as tabs and categories you want to add in your single Gmail account. Gmail will automatically detect messages like that and will transfer it to those people. You can either follow the following steps to accomplish your target or you can speak to the techies at Gmail customer service –

  1. Open the Gmail app in your android device
  2. From the top left menu, tap on menu button
  3. In the menu, select the settings
  4. Now choose the account you want to add a new category to
  5. Tap on the inbox type button
  6. Select the default inbox button
  7. Now click on the inbox categories
  8. You have reached your destination; you can now add or remove any category from your account.

For any Gmail related help, speak to the techies of Gmail customer service at Gmail customer service phone number.

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